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                Your current position: Home > Todaysoft > Company History


                Todaysoft Gene strives to achieve IPO by 2020


                Beijing Todaysoft was established in ZhongGuanCun;


                MutationSurveyor, DNA fragment analysis software GeneMarker, high-throughput gene sequencing platform analysis software NextGENe;
                In the citations of Science magazine's "top 10 global technological breakthroughs" for three years in a row, it announced the use of software products developed by Todaysoft's team;


                In 2008, Todaysoft Gene became the R&D and operation and maintenance team of China's Forensic Science DNA Data Bank;


                Todaysoft Gene was established in the Economic and Technological Development Zone, Yancheng, Jiangsu;


                Together with six domestic and foreign institutions such as Johns Hopkins university and Beijing 301 hospital, Todaysoft Gene has established an "International research and development base for the new generation of personalized medicine gene sequencing";


                In August 2015, Todaysoft Gene was listed on the "New Third Board" and became an internet listed company of "Big Data + Precision Medicine";


                "Mobile service platform for tumor precision medicine of big data project" was established by strategic emerging industry development special fund of Jiangsu province;