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                Todaysoft Gene was established in 2000 when the draft of the Human Genome was completed, Todaysoft Gene is a national high-tech enterprise that uses internet and cloud computing technology to achieve the acquisition and application of tumor precise medical clinical big data. Todaysoft Gene is specialized in the research and development of gene sequencing software, clinical gene sequencing, accurate medical data services for tumor and personalized medical services. The company has developed a number of DNA sequencing analysis software, and its products have been sold to more than 4,000 gene testing laboratories and research institutions worldwide. Among them, GeneMarker HID was certified by the US FBI. Relying on the company's real-time acquisition and application service platform of tumor gene big data, the company is committed to building AI navigation service of tumor precision medical artificial intelligence.

                Todaysoft Gene has obtained the " Ten-Hundred-Thousand Plan" cultivate enterprise of Jiangsu Province and the Jiangsu service industry innovation demonstration enterprise. The company has established close cooperation with industry research institutes such as Beijing Genomics Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Hohai University, jointly established graduate workstation and tumor precision engineering technology research center of medical data of Jiangsu Province. Currently, there are 5 authorized invention patents and 49 software copyrights.

                Since its establishment, the company has always attached great importance to scientific management and actively carried out various research and development activities. It has passed many certifications such as “Double Soft” and ISO9001. The products have won the “Golden Hui Award” of Jiangsu Province Software Products, Jiangsu High-tech Products and the third prize of science and technology and other honors; the company has achieved major technological breakthroughs in the field of gene sequencing, and many innovations have been specially guided by the national service industry, the National Torch Program, the Small and Medium Enterprise Innovation Fund of the Ministry of Science and Technology, and the major scientific and technological achievements of Jiangsu Province. The transformation project, the key research and development plan of Jiangsu Province, and the special fund project for strategic emerging industry development of Jiangsu Province were established.

                In August 2015, the company was listed on the New Third Board as Todaysoft Gene (ticker symbol: 833190). In September 2016, the company was awarded the title of “Yangtze river delta health service demonstration enterprise”; In December 2016, it was approved by Jiangsu provincial department of human resources and social security to set up “Jiangsu province postdoctoral innovation practice base”; In the same year, the company's self-developed “mobile service platform for tumor precision medicine of big data project” won the third prize in the fourth science and technology entrepreneurship competition of Jiangsu province and the excellent award in the fifth China innovation and entrepreneurship competition. In 2017, the company achieved sales of 126 million yuan and paid tax of 4.36 million yuan. By the end of December 2017, the company had raised a total of 150 million yuan from the capital market.

                In the future, the company will continue to use big data, artificial intelligence and the most advanced genetic technology on the way to become the first brand of domestic “Internet + Gene Big Data Service” and the preferred service provider of “Genetic Profile” of the public. Helping the development of China's precision medical industry, opening a new era of bio-intelligence and building a new engine for the future health industry!

                SOCIAL VALUE

                Todaysoft Gene Internet Medical Platform belongs to the application of artificial intelligence and big data technology in the field of tumor precise medical treatment, collects and processes clinical tumor gene data, combines international forefront precision medical knowledge collection and collation, and explores biomedical characteristics related to individualized diagnosis and treatment. Research and develope comprehensive evaluation and prediction model, and ultimately improve the individualized prevention and treatment of cancer, and prolong the survival of patients and improve the quality of life, while effectively reducing the cost of diagnosis and treatment. The large tumor database with annotation information and a series of model algorithms and intelligent search engines included in the platform will provide scientific decision-making of medical institutions, and provide data and information support for pharmaceutical R&D institutions.

                The platform will greatly promote the application of artificial intelligence and big data in the field of big health, promote the normalization and standardization of medical data, break the barriers of the data industry, and then drive the healthy development of the entire medical industry. Todaysoft Gene will also become a leading big data service provider in the precision medical field in China.