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                The Oncologist's Assistant— A shareable, clinical knowledge base and case-sharing platform for personalized precision medicine.

                Professional Personalized Oncology Information Platform.

                Jinliuli (Precision Medicine),an APP based on mobile internet technology to serve the oncologist community,which was created by Todaysoft Gene. It aims to provide professional content services and customized services for oncologists.

                Scan the QR code and download it



                Collection and analysis of tumor clinical big data

                Big data collection and analysis of tumor clinical data is the function of Jinliuli APP to provide members with structured and detailed information of cancer clinical treatment for free, to help doctors share their clinical experience data quickly and conveniently, and to obtain experience value feedback of reasonable compliance according to the comprehensive review of data quality and integrity.

                Gene Detection

                Jinliuli has gathered nearly 40 authoritative domestic gene testing institutions to provide online O2O services related to accurate drug use for cancer and prognosis monitoring and evaluation.

                Clinical recruitment

                Jinliuli integrates the resources of clinical research industry, starts from the benefit of patients, helps patients to find the beneficial clinical trial based on the professional guidance and advice of doctors, and selects suitable patients for the clinical trial.

                Medical Research Service

                Based on the professional data mining and analysis ability, Jinliuli provides users with the following services: consultation service of experimental scheme, whole experiment implementation service, biomedicine statistics and data processing service.

                Medical Information

                Provide professional knowledge and international frontier academic compilation, provide exclusive and in-depth original content from Nature, Science, NEJM, the Lancet, etc., devote to the dissemination of cutting-edge technology and successful therapeutic regimen in the field of cancer treatment, daily give you the most valuable medical information, the most professional clinical treatment, the most influential voice of the higher-ups.

                Medical Literature

                The Jinliuli Literature Database includes the journal of NEJM, Cancer Research, Nature· Cancer genetics, and the Chinese journal of Cancer Clinic. At the same time, it provides users with literature retrieval services, including Chinese and English medical literature databases such as WanFang, WeiPu, ClinicalEvidence, Embas, and NCBI.