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                Laboratory management system—Kinglocus

                Deep cooperation with professional testing institutions and support from experts in laboratory testing and management

                Kinglocus laboratory management system is a cloud service platform based on micro service architecture. Each micro service in the system can complete the design function independently. The services coordinate and cooperate with each other to provide the ultimate value for users.
                Kinglocus facilitates efficient research design and data transmission, and simplifies analysis validation, bioinformation analysis, instrument docking, sample tracking, results reporting, and compliance issues.

                Based on microservice architecture
                strong scalability

                • Sample management—One thing, one code.

                • Experiment nodes are managed independently

                • Data integration report management

                • Full cycle project management


                • Ensure the consistency and authority of the appraisal results.

                  It realizes a series of system functions such as automatic generation of test reports, automatic calculation of pathogenicity, automatic data analysis, reduction of manual intervention, elimination of common errors in test reports, and correctness of sample information, genotype and pathogenicity.

                • Process monitoring

                  It greatly reduces the labor intensity of the staff, but also facilitates the leaders at all levels of the enterprise to audit data and understand the production situation, thus further improving the efficiency of the production department, improving the overall level of laboratory management, and improving the efficiency of the experimenter.

                • Improve production efficiency

                  The system automatically analyzes the data and generates various laboratory forms, task sheets and test reports. The data transmission speed is fast, the accuracy is high, and the security is strong. It saves a lot of manual input work for the experimenter and improves the efficiency of the experimenter.

                Product features

                • Product advantage

                  · Fine process · Flexible configuration · Business matching · Support secondary development

                • Technical advantage

                  · Based on microservice architecture, strong scalability · Single service—business functions are specific · Compatibility is strong, different services can be implemented by different technologies. · Seamless integration of each service with the database
                  · Standard interface that allows customers to access existing systems · Support the SOA component architecture

                • Creating value

                  · Improve equipment utilization · Increase detection accuracy · Improve collaborative office efficiency · Reduce management costs · Reduce the costs of experiment

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