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                Medical knowledge base

                Provide authoritative medical data support for oncologist and patient client platform and gene test report

                Be tolerant to diversity, tolerance is a virtue

                By cooperating with domestic and foreign authoritative clinical and medical databases, Todaysoft Gene medical knowledge base integrates English data of many authoritative databases such as NCI, Drugbank, FDA, NCCN, ASCO, herbal GKB and Cosmic, and builds Chinese medical knowledge base with independent intellectual property through accurate professional translation. Multiple data modules such as gene protein function, therapeutic drug and clinical diagnosis were designed, and the medical knowledge network and knowledge base management update system were constructed in multiple aspects. To provide the best medical big data service for the medical practitioners. At the same time, it can meet the requirements of obtaining, sharing and using medical and clinical knowledge for other business terminals of the company, such as Liuli’s lamp and Jinliuli.

                • Authoritative data sources

                  It includes more than 20 domestic and international authoritative databases: GeneCards, FDA, NCCN, ASCO, NCBI, UniProt, HGNC, KEGG, SIDER, ClinicalTrials, CFDA, NCI, Drugbank, etc. and covers nearly 4 million data sets such as genes, proteins, drugs, signaling pathways, clinical information, cancer information, etc.

                • Complex medical knowledge network

                  Through the precise design of the correlation of various data modules, the knowledge network of gene, pathway, drug, cancer, clinic and other intertwined knowledge network, and the powerful retrieval function for clinical research to provide comprehensive data reference.

                • Great potential for application

                  To provide the highest quality medical data services for medical practitioners, data authoritative, comprehensive, Chinese content more easily understood. For the company's other business terminals, such as Liuli’lamp, Jinliuli,etc., the acquisition, sharing and use of medical clinical knowledge are escorted.

                Our service

                • Gene encyclopedia

                  It contains basic information and functions of more than 20 thousand disease related genes and encoded proteins.

                  · Gene overview · Protein function · Genetic mutations · Signaling pathways

                • Tumor encyclopedia

                  The molecular mechanism, clinical stage, treatment and clinical study of nearly 1000 types of tumor were explained in detail

                  · Basic information about more than 100 kinds of tumors · Gene and tumor clinical treatment · Gene Detection · Therapeutic regimen

                • Drug encyclopedia

                  Following the clinical research and pharmaceutical market trends, it covers the development, pharmacology and commercial information of tens of thousands of cancer drugs

                  · Drug information · Clinical trials · Side effects and indications

                • Encyclopedia of medical information

                  Keep abreast of the most authoritative developments in medical research and update medical literature, conference materials, guidelines and information

                  · Update the most advanced clinical research information · Cancer guidelines · Research literature