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                Liuli's lamp

                Recommend clinical diagnosis support and treatment plan for oncologists and patients intelligently

                Digital map of tumor precision medicine

                Based on the big data of real tumor clinical cases, and relying on the massive database of medical literature, gene, drug and other professional knowledge, Liuli's lamp is an intelligent assistant for oncologists and patients, providing omni-directional clinical diagnosis support, similar case search, and real-time recommendation of treatment plans.

                • Similar case search

                  Retrieve cases that are the same or similar to the current patient's condition to help doctors understand more and more detailed treatment options

                  · Disease information · Family medical history · Inspection process · Therapeutic process

                • Big data analysis of cases

                  Large-scale statistical analysis of thousands of similar cases was carried out to find out the best treatment methods and compare the therapeutic effects.

                  · Statistical treatment · Therapeutic effect analysis · Patient statistics · Therapeutic drug analysis

                • Medical encyclopedia of Liuli's lamp

                  Dozens of domestic and foreign authoritative knowledge bases cover medical information, medical research, diseases, genes, clinical trials, drugs and other medical information, which are constantly updated to enable users to continuously acquire the latest and most authoritative knowledge.

                  · Domestic and foreign medical information · Domestic and foreign drugs · Latest clinical trials · Authoritative medical literature