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                Liulitang are committed to providing tumor patients and their families with the most valuable and professional diagnostic/treatment information and services.

                Professional rehabilitation service platform for tumor patients

                Liulitang, an online platform for oncologists created by Todaysoft Gene. Liulitang is committed to providing cancer patients with valuable diagnostic and treatment information, covering both national and global advances in cancer treatment. Our knowledge base provides guidance, resources and support for patients seeking advice on healthcare and treatment offerings.

                • Created by listed company Todaysoft Gene

                • Professional recommendation of oncologists

                • Has served many tumor patients

                • Help tumor patients to recover

                • Tumor information

                  The latest tumor treatment information and tumor nursing information are regularly updated weekly.

                  · Tumor cognition · Cancer prevention · Cancer diagnosis · Cancer treatment

                • Nursing guidance

                  To provide knowledge and guidance on psychological, chemotherapy, postoperative and pain care for tumor patients

                  · Psychological care · Psychological care · Postoperative care · Radiotherapy care · Pain care

                • Rehabilitation shop

                  Providing rehabilitation nursing products for cancer patients with remission of radiotherapy and chemotherapy, and targeted treatment of side effects.

                  · Improve immunity · Hair care · Skin care · Oral care · Nail care

                • New therapeutic regimen

                  It provides the most concerned drug information and drug searching services for patients, such as chemotherapy drugs, targeted drugs, pd-1 and human blood albumin

                  · Chemotherapy · Targeted therapy · Immunotherapy

                • Clinical recruitment

                  Regularly update the latest information on patient recruitment and bring new hope for cancer patients.

                  · Lung Neoplasms · Breast Neoplasms · Colorectal Neoplasms · Stomach Neoplasms

                Stay Healthy, Conquer Cancer

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                Customer service hotline:4006622099